Basic Robotics Workshop

The main idea of Basic Robotics is to introduce students with the technological world and inspire them about Robotics. Today there is a great demand of professionals in the related areas where in our vision is to provide quality education keeping in minds the methodologis and interest between the students.L-Hub is providing workshops at schools on PAN India Basis on basic topics related to Robotics.

Day 1-Session 1

Basic Electronic Component

  • Resistor
  • Capacitor
  • Diode
  • Transistor
  • Difference between Electrical and Electronics
  • Fundamental Electrical Concepts
Day 1-Session 2

Motor And Controlling Circuit

  • Introduction to Motor.
  • Different Types of Motor.
  • Use of Motors in Robotics.
  • Motors and Controlling Circuit.
  • Interfacing of Motors.
  • Difference between DC motor and DC geared motor.
Day 2-Session 1

Future of Robotics

  • Introduction.
  • Different Career Aspects of Robotics.
  • Things to do to Persue Robotics Carrier.
  • Assembling the DIY kits.
Day 2-Session 2

Wrapping Up Things

  • Final Projects.
  • Competitions.
  • Certificates Distributions.