What is Emotional Intelligence(EQ) and how to improve it?

Published On: 31 Jan 2019
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Have you ever felt the need to control your or other people's emotions? The answer would be certainly positive. Many a time people want to overpower their emotions to let them flow easily and smoothly. but we are not perfectly able to do so. So, here comes Emotional Intelligence in the picture.

Emotional Intelligence that is EQ is the ability to analyze, monitor and control our own emotions as well as of others. Practically, it simply means being aware that emotions can drive one's behavior and impact others and hence learning to manage them, especially when under pressure. 


Those were the days when the preeminence of IQ was not questioned. People used to decide the caliber of the person with the IQ level. But in the modern era, there are schools in many countries embracing EI. Today companies worldwide look people through the lens of EI for hiring or promoting their employees. People with great leadership skills are found to have more EQ as compared to others. So, companies highly look for this factor to achieve name and fame in the market.


When it comes to happiness and success in life, EQ plays a great role. It helps in building strong relationships, achieving career and personal goals. It is helpful in connecting with our feelings, managing stress, and helps in making informed decisions by prioritizing the things. 

Hence building emotional intelligence is very much needed in day to day life. There are a few points to increase the level of EQ.

1. Self-management: As it keeps control over emotions we can manage ourselves even in worst situations. We would be able to make constructive decisions about our lives. It will maintain a positive outlook upon a person.

2. Self-awareness: EQ makes us more aware of our own self and surroundings as well. We could experience more intense feelings that could capture the attention of both ourselves and of others. It helps in analyzing the feelings that flow.

3. Social awareness: Mindfulness is an ally of social awareness and social awareness is enhanced by high EQ level. Social awareness is highly needed in the world today.

4. Relationship management: High EQ level helps in building strong relationships. In the corporate world, working with others, we need to be well aware of what other people are experiencing in order to balance relationship and work. It helps us in analyzing a conflicting situation growing closer.

So, don't be at mercy to your emotions; use them, enjoy them and dominate them. Man's main task in life is to give birth to itself, to build himself what he is potentially capable of. Hence, EQ is the most important part of the phase. Keep increasing your EQ and stay cheerful and fit.