The power of technology

Published On: 04 Jan 2019
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Technology is the energy drink on which the world runs in this century. It has become a necessity rather than a luxury as the world evolved trying to make life much simpler and smooth in general. One cannot think of even a day where one stop using the wonders of technology in his/her life. It has become the very crux of human existence and to the newer generations, as important as oxygen. Technology has helped one to ideate, comprehend and create; all from his/her own cozy spot. The world is literally under his/her fingertips. In brief, the marvel of technology and it’s power can be derived from this everyday happening; although we have become so used to it that we do not notice it’s wondrosity.


The word ‘technology’, derived from Greek basically means systematic development using scientific knowledge. Exploring nature and experimenting with it had led humans into creating the very first theories of science. Re-exploring them and further researching on them created this world which has turned into a global village. Gone are the days where people barely know about the existence of different countries, now we have friends all over the world who me we contact on a daily basis. Texts, audio calls, video calls, blogs, e-mails, social media; the invention of Internet has created such a storm that rendered us this small world which helped in exchange of news and knowledge. Furthermore, travelling had become an easy and mostly affordable, thanks to technology. This, it has given the world and the people the power to do anything and everything one wants.


But the negative of this is, to start with, technology has the power to destroy everything as much as it had the power to create. While the ideal world is one where everyone leads an easy lifestyle, look around, that doss not exist in reality. Human mind’s greed combined with technology has proved too disastrous over and over again. Wars became scarier and let’s go back to 1945 Hiroshima-Nagasaki incident to prove that. Though not so much a catastrophe, the mighty Internet has ruined lives as much as it helped them. There are a lot of traps that go unnoticed and in this era where it is easily accessible to anyone, a lot of lives especially children are being victims of cyber crime. Nature is also getting affected and the increase in calamities might be a nature’s way of responding to the harm done to it. Pollution, deforestation and depletion of water table, all of these are perils known to us and yet we choose to ignore them. Apart from this, the fundamental ethics of humans get influenced and damaged everyday as they turn into puppets in the hands of technology.


Does this mean we have to stop using technology and go back to being hunters and gatherers?! Well, the simple remedy would be to yield the power of technology and use it against the evils posed by technology. We are doing it even as we speak, development of eco friendly fuels and harboring renewable energy resources are a great to start to this. And therefore the bottonline is not to let technology overpower us but to yield its power to the best extent.