Technical predictions for the next 20 years

Published On: 11 Jan 2019
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When it comes to technology the future seems to be bright enough. An ample of opportunities and technical advancements lie ahead in the future. Over the course of time, we can expect technology to make changes around us which will be difficult to cope for some and for the advancing generation it will open new gateways.

Technology is not just about unboxing smartphones and other electronic gadgets; it comprises the big technical world we live in. And the most advancing technologies blooming in the market are machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. These technologies are making human efforts facile. Advancement of artificial intelligence is feared as a threat to the employment opportunities for humans. It would not replace humans completely but certainly, there will be a large drop. The McKinsey Global Institute estimated the rise of artificial intelligence will see between 45 and 70 million workers lose their jobs across the next decade and the situation grows even worse for many low skilled workers in the coming years.

Some experts believe the rising use of artificial intelligence in most developed countries will lead to a higher standard of living for the majority who will largely be concerned with how to distribute the wealth fairly and efficiently; others believe the largest amount of wealth being created with the elimination of lowest paid jobs will be distributed to the top one percent and would face a growing gap between rich and poor which would make situation even worse.

There will be a headway in different fields like the evolution of mobile phones, increased internet speed, live streaming of space and planets, self-driving cars will be made available to the public, and furtherance in the field of medical science. There are now only a few hospitals which are equipped with the robotic arm for surgery. Hence expansion of technology would make it a painless task with the inevention of similarly more new technologies.

People say necessity is the mother of invention. Thus if we see which advancements we would be needing in the future with the available technologies and expertise we could figure out the scope and the development in the field of science and technology.