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Published On: 24 Jan 2019
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Do you ever feel the need to be guided by someone, who can answer all your silly queries which Google will not be perfectly able to do so? Certainly, all of us must have ached for the need at some point in life. I have heard many people saying that they could not achieve something due to lack of guidance. So, the team of NK Learnicare came up with the idea of providing career guidance by renowned personalities on different topics.


NK Learnicare is a social initiative whose objective is to provide educational exposure to the students in various domains. The mind of youth is the best mind of the country and if given the right direction can do marvels. So to dig out and groom the hidden talents of the country this platform has been set up. It provides workshops, seminars, and training on various topics and guides on various new technologies trending in the society. Being an Alumni of NIT Surat, it observed that the biggest difference in the students of Tier-A college and Tier-B college is just the educational exposure. The students at NIT's are much more exposed to the in vogues of the technological world whereas the students of other colleges are restricted to the curriculum based knowledge of the university which may not be updated with the technological advancements. Here NK Learnicare plays a great role. It acts as a bridge in connecting students with popular and prevalent technology in the world. It provides the best expertise for seeking students to explore the world. There are already programmes conducted and going on in many of the reputed colleges. It keeps on conducting events like quizzes, science fairs and many more. 


And If you think there's something in you and you need a bit of expert advice, then NK Learnicare is the perfect platform to avail the opportunity from. You can mail your query at nklearnicare@gmail.com.

To know more about NK Learnicare and their functioning you can visit at http://nklearnicare.com.