Looking on the other side of Failures

Published On: 28 Jan 2019
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FAIL stands for First Attempt In Learning. So, the meaning itself suggests that failures are just a phase in the process of growth and development.  Failures are not the opposite of success, but these are a part of success. Failures are the certainties which everyone has to face in their lives.  At the time of failures we feel our life has collapsed and everything seems impossible, all hope is lost.  But if we closely analyse these failures then we can realize that out of the mess it creates, there's lesson, a moral which helps to achieve our aim.


Failures makes us strong enough to face obstacles and stand again for more to come in the way. There is no thrill in achieving a  goal smoothly. It makes failures an essential part of our lives. Experiencing failures is what it takes to build a successful person.   

People consider failures negative; but actually failures are needed. It teaches us not to quit. Lack of awareness among people and not having the ability to handle failures is welcoming more cases of suicides and depression. Path to success cannot be a lap of luxury. Failures can be eluded up to some extent but not completely.


There are different type of failures people face. Let's say a person had set a target and worked very hard to achieve it. But it is not possible to achieve it easily without any difficulty. But if we quit focusing only on the  failure then we will never be able to achieve anything. Even the heartbeat isn't smooth, it has troughs and crests to keep a person alive. So are the failures.

Failures shapes a person in a way success can not. It makes a person resilient. Success after failure will makes us realize how capable are we. Failures are actually pretty magical things.