Learning in 2000s vs Learning in 2018

Published On: 08 Jan 2019
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Learning is a process of acquiring knowledge from the sources we have to be able to apply in our practical lives. There is a major difference between the learning which our parents do years ago and we as childrens do in such a modern and technology world. Let’s take a look at the wide difference in learning occurs in the years of development.

Earlier in 2000s , there were lack of resources which everyone can’t access due to which lack of knowledge exist , as there are limited shops of books. At the time of our grandparents there are no journals, magazines and the televisions to make them aware of the developing resources around them which can make their world easy, help them to cope up with the problems easily and can work more creatively.

Before people were confined to books only. They don’t think out of the box and believe in rot learning. They have a high pressure to excel in the medical and engineering. People believe in myths like the doctors profession was best which make them proud while the teaching profession was seen as the low and unsuccessful profession. They don’t apply their knowledge to practical use and were on the race to pass on the examinations.

There was no technology at that time to connect with others. No mobile phones for communication and loads of homework and projects were given to them for completion but there were pros too. Children of 2000s have no lens on their eyes due to over watching of television and they have the basic knowledge and experience which they get from their elders. They have a very good vocabulary and were fond of reading.

Gradually the technology rises came into the practical use. In 2000s , there were new variety of mobile phones and the learning take a huge step towards the success. Now the children and the elders read newspaper early in the morning and the children have a variety of books to read and write like the story book, fictions, colouring books,journals,magazines and the lot more.

There were shops at every corner supplying books enhancing the learning capacity of the people , making them more capable in the field of learning and helping them in to cope up every obstacle they face.

Examinations are the biggest evil – as syllabus the studies become more complex. The examination pattern was changed. There was competition all around and increasing day by day and the competitive exams has bring the drastic change which make them more competitive towards their goals. The fear of losing and the determination , sincerity and punctuality towards there goal was increasing and helping them to be a better person in the society.

As the techonolgy increasing the competitions too get higher and higher but there is a difference in the learning pattern of the childrens. They learn things but in a different, creative techno and out of the box ideas which make their studies more easy. They take their learning to a ladder which help them to understand the content more practically.

They apply their knowledge to the day to day scenario and use the technology to the optimal level. As the developing country we take a step towards the rural areas too. Spreading knowledge to the low caste people and raising them above poverty through giving scholarships by the governments help our country children to take out the potential hidden behind and rise them above to give a better live and learning.

There are lots of online learning trend which help the children in clarifying their doubts and to understand the content more accurately through animations and tests. It also prepare the students for the competitive exams and help them to crack it at the first attempt. It exposes them to the new fields and have a vast choices to choose and form a career in their desire field.

They don’t believe in any myths but believe that every field has it’s own uniqueness which make them expert in their subject. Job opportunities are also provided plus with the Internships to get better expierence and help in getting more chances and better opportunities in future.

Earlier girl child was not allowed to schooling and believe to do household work and a housewife. Technology clear the paths and help them to give their desired rights. Nowadays , women are seen in every desired field they wish to take as a profession like in fashion, textile, food, doctors, inspector , researcher, scientists, professors and a lot lot more.

Learning is a never ending process which continues throughout our life until death. Never stop learning !!!! No profession , No age can stop you from learning. Be a keen learner.