How To Remove distractions while Studying?

Published On: 04 Jan 2019
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Distractions are everywhere and with the always-on technologies, they take a heavy toll on productivity. These technologies can vary from cell phones, facebook and many more. Students today tend to be multitasking when it comes to studying. Listening to the latest music song and texting over cell phones are two of the most common distractions in student's life.

To study with concentration, a few steps must be followed:-

1. Remove Distractions: Students must find themselves a congenial place which is free from distractions such as noise must be serene enough.

2. You need to utilize the time of the day which suits you the best, in which you feel fresh and can easily grasp whatever you study. Researchers have proved that 60 minutes study at morning is equivalent to 90 minutes study at night.

3. You need to focus on the ongoing task and it must be given the utmost priority. We should try and keep ourselves away from distractions. For instance, you must study for the time you had previously decided without peeping into notifications from cell phones.

4. Set Goals: You must decide before we sit to study that for how long you have to study and what all is it that we have to study.

5. Positive Attitude: Tell yourself that whatever you do will be your absolute best. don't say ' I can't do it' or 'it must be perfect'. 

6. Rest/Stretch time: Take short breaks, and get up and walk around. When we move, blood is pumped around the body and more oxygen is sent to the brain.

7. Changing the subject: It's better not to concentrate on the same subject for too long. You will absorb more information if you change subject or topic every one to two hours.

8. Reward Yourself: give yourself an incentive. By having something to look forward to when you finish your work, you are more likely to get stuck in.

Thus, there are ways to remain focused and determined and study hard to achieve the desired objective. Distractions come in the way but we have to find ways to overcome them. So, the following ways can be applied to study smoothly and consistently.