How to Develop Better Habits in 2019

Published On: 08 Jan 2019
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The new year begins with resolutions, commitments, and promises. But are we really obliged to these commitments and resolutions? The most obvious answer would be no. It's been about eight days and many would have backed out from our newly made resolutions of inculcating healthy habits like waking up early, practicing yoga daily, studying three hours daily and many more. But these habits do not develop on their own.

Just about everyone wants to cultivate better habits. The difficulty arises in doing hard work and making those habits a reality. We just sit in the hope that one day we will magically stop smoking and start eating healthy food. And that magic never happens in real life. As the very old proverb rightly says "God helps those who help themselves". So the magic will come to you only when you will put efforts to leave no stone unturned.

To start with we need to have a clear vision of our day-to-day life. Some steps that we can take are mentioned below. We all are staring down at the barrel of the new year, and if we aren't going to start it now then when will we?

Think Small, Really Small

As it's said, "All good things come in small packages". So are the habits. You don't have to think of something magnanimous in order to cultivate healthy habits, but you just need to do bit by bit consistent effort. The habits can be very small tasks. 

Surround Yourself With Negative People

Cut out negativity from your life whether it be people or things. Leave no space for darkness and let the light of hope and knowledge enlighten your path. You would feel a drastic change by doing so.

Create Physical Reminder

A physical reminder may act as an additional tool into the process of inculcation. These tools are developed by mankind keeping in mind the need and necessity of people and it can further fasten the process and save our time.

Commit To Your Challenge

If you had challenged yourself you need to stick by it. No matter what the situation is. Try to challenge yourself starting with a small number say for 10 days and gradually increase the number of days. This way you'll start enjoying the things and would do them cheerfully.

Make It Interesting

The challenges you give to yourself should not be tedious. The task could be made fun loving in numerous ways like keeping rewards for the task and many more pleasing things.

Focus On Yourself

The first most important person in your life must be none other than you yourself. You need to focus on yourself first then only you could help others. The whole sole concentration should be gathered at the time of task completion.

Keep It Simple

The tasks you decide can be anything as simple as a habit of not biting nails and the ideology and methodology to be applied should be small and precise enough.

Learn To Pick Yourself Up When You Fall

Failures come in the way. We need to be strong to face any challenge daringly and find out the best for us even in the worst situation. These challenges would not be a bed of roses, but a series of hardships that would bring laurels. 

From the present moment, resolve your life and take actions with maturity. A clear and distinct image the goals should be imprinted in the mind. And yes, a person cannot be perfect and you don't have to be a perfect right person doing everything right and successfully. You just have to do your part best and leave the rest for God to fill in the blank.