Have a keen interest in Android, want to build your own app?

Published On: 14 Jan 2019
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If we step back and take a holistic look, I think any reasonable person would say android is innovating at a pretty fast pace and getting it to its users. Today in the contemporary world, android has rooted itself in almost all domains like education, health, entertainment, and many more. And it is believed to be more powerful in the upcoming future. It holds ample opportunities for the future generation.

There is a long list of applications of android in the real world. One can expect a bright future in android development. Things like Whatsapp are a great example of the success that others have had on Android, which we see as welcome innovation on the platform. As gaming is also booming at a great speed; And the platform to all these games is android. Games can be developed using Android. There are various applications which can be developed with the use of Android. This helps in flourishing business as well. Android is making our life effort-less day by day. There are various applications like paytm, phone pay which helps in the online transaction of money in digital form.

Android aplications were previously developed using languages like java. But now is the era of kotlin. Kotlin is a general purpose, open source, statically typed programming language for the JVM and Andriod that combines object-oriented and functional programming features. Most of the applications today are being developed in Flutter and React Native, great frameworks to build such applications.

There is a cutthroat competition in the world and each time you have to bring something out of the box to survive and android is exactly serving the purpose by making the idea into a reality. There are various sources and platform available for learning android like Udemy, Coursera, Edx, Udacity and many more. These courses also provide certification along with good job opportunities. 

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