Published On: 10 Jan 2019
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Who doesn't like playing games? Most of us like playing games whether it be on mobile phones, computers or video games. Many of us spend hours playing games. But do we ever think how these games are developed? Who develop these games? What are the intricacies developers encounter while making the games?

The times are changing now. Gaming is not only just about fun. It is a demanding career in the recent era. It has developed a billion dollar industry where developers and gamers are earning a handsome amount of money. With the wide access to the internet has created a humongous demand for online games and with the advent of technology, this industry is growing at a fast pace. So a plethora of career option is available for the aspirants from artists to musicians to sound engineers to programmers this field.

A career in the gaming industry is passionately exciting but a strikingly competitive field with a combination of creativity, technology and something out of the box. As each day a new game is being launched so it is very to pace up with the world and bring out something extraordinarily attractive. So different institutes have been opened in India to cope with the fast-moving world.

Advancement of new technologies are contributing to flourish the gaming industry of India. Virtual technology is one of the major technology which was introduced a few decades back and has occupied a vital place in the gaming industry. Unity is another platform for the development of these games. They are constantly improvising the gaming experience of the users each time a step ahead.

Several games like Battle Royale have drastically improved the situation of the gaming industries to a large extent. Fortnite's influence on the industry is really apparent both from the economic point of view and designing as well. These games itself describes the ample of opportunities that this domain hold for people in the upcoming time.

Colleges today promote the gamers, developers to persuade a career in the field of gaming. Not only colleges there are other sources for learning like udemy, udacity, and coursera, etc. NK Learnicare is there for you and brings to you the best of the things and expertise via various workshops and events. If you guys are excited about learning to develop, to code and game do let us know about your interest at nkleanicare@gmail.com.