Do We Really Need To Curse Unemployment?

Published On: 27 Jan 2019
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Unemployment is the stage in life that one creates for itself. Nobody else could be blamed for this other than we ourselves. There can be various reason for creating this void in our life. And the major is lack of interest in a particular field. We fail to achieve what we expect to achieve and this results towards a series of failures and people quit.


Each one of us has different interests, capabilities, and talent. We just need to identify these key elements and convert them into useful skills. Skilled people don't need to sit idle, there are a lot of opportunities, they just need to grab them. Grab a skill, add to it your resume, update your Linkedin. Linkedin is another such platform, that helps skilled people get hired. Sometimes, industry connections help you to get placed in their companies.

Also, India is becoming a country of growing Entrepreneurship. People are moving more towards, entrepreneurship. You think you have an Idea, you have a decent team to build the product. Go for it. Moreover, new entrepreneurs look for young talents, and innovative minds to work with them. Some of my friends keep receiving messages on LinkedIn for Job offers as well. Because the mind of youth is the best mind of the country. You need to go with your interest whether it is arts, sciences, sports, gaming, etc.

It can easily be explained with the help of a simple real-life scenario. The time has gone, when gaming used to be only for fun. Now, gamers are using their skills to manage their bread and butter and live a happy life. There are platforms like YouTube and Twitch where Gamers use their skills and entertain people, and earn a handsome amount of money.

Another opportunity blooming in the market is freelancing. Most of the work in upcoming decades will shift remotely. So, working as a freelancer is a great career opportunity as well. There are platforms like Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer and many more, that helps to get freelancing work easily, based upon the skillset you have.

Hence there can be numerous opportunities to work for. So, unemployment should not be considered a problem with so many options to avail. A person can achieve whatever he wishes for. The right amount of diligence and determination will leave no stone unturned. It will do wonders to make your life cheerful.