Benefits of extra-curricular activities

Published On: 05 Jan 2019
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Extra-curricular activity is a term you hear in your life since childhood till being a youngster and working in an organization. The word extra-curricular is a combination of prefix extra, which means "on the outside" and suffix curriculum which means "a running course career". Hence extra-curricular activities mean the activities which are outside the regular curriculum and which is implemented by almost all schools and organizations.

If you had to form your image in any organization whether it be school, college or any other workplace you have to be a part of extra-curricular activities. Extra-curricular activities in today's world have become an integral part of professional life. They not only act as a recreational source but also keep the person mentally and physically healthy. These activities keep a perfect balance in work and entertainment. Companies today need the active participation of people in these kinds of activities and keep on organizing such events frequently.

There are various advantages of these activities in building a strong and healthy lifestyle. 


When we participate in different activities we get a chance to explore a range of things and unlock our hidden talents. And also, diversifying our interests broadens our worldview.


There's always a dilemma in minds of parents that participation in these activities might affect the academic studies of students. But this isn't true. as we know healthy mind lives in a healthy body so similarly, these activities help us in keeping us physically fit and healthy and thereby increases our overall performance.


The more we achieve success the more our confidence boosts up and more we grow. Working hard and mastering your new skills will eventually make us competitive about the thing we are passionate about and hence bring good results. 


Extra-curricular help us in exploring new people and widening our friend circle. We get to know more people and hence become a socially known personality. 


These skills are very much useful in learning "real world skills" which are a mandatory part of living in a cultured society. These skills can be teamwork, leadership, sharing, public speaking, problem-solving, time management and many more.


These activities help in building strong resumes for placements. Companies not only consider the academic domain but also other domains while hiring. 

So, these activities should be cultivated and supported to be implemented in all the small, big organizations to make a happier and healthier environment.